Arvol - A new way of investing in regenerative agriculture, innovation in carbon capture & sustainable development.

A carbon offset savings token to stop climate change, backed by a tree & its land.

Save the planet planting trees & receive profits from harvests, carbon credits & land appreciation.

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Blockchain accounting to create a new democratic token with real assets as collateral

We democratize access to investment in carbon credits and organic farming using EVM compatible POS blockchain.

Using artificial intelligence in regenerative agriculture

Using AI algorithms, drones, infrared cameras & Internet of Things (IoT) sensors in plants allows better monitoring, plant health & carbon fixing.

Capturing carbon and developing carbon credit markets

We design & manage land using permaculture, while improving soil to grow organic plants that fix carbon & generate returns to all stakeholders.

Developing communities in nature

Arvol token is convertible to land for sustainable housing & life in nature, with renewable energy, nutritious organic foods & sustainable education.

Regenerative farming in Chile

We own and operate 50 hectares with drip irrigation and authomatized biodynamic fertilization in San Patricio, Vilcun, Chile. We grow 20 hectares of blueberries, 10 hectares of raspberries, 10 hectares of herbs and vegetables and 10 hectares of native trees and mushroom.

Regenerative farming in Argentina

We own and operate 8300 hectares in Mainque, Rio Negro Argentina. We grow 40 hectares of organic apples, 400 hectares poplars and mushrooms, 5 hectares of herbs and vegetables, 4000 hectares of native trees and natural reserve and are in the process of planting 500 hectares of hazelnuts and walnuts with intercrops of squash, corn, peas and medicinal herbs.

Arvol manages a diversified crop portfolio powered by a regenerative agriculture AI. We work to regreen previously non-productive land to generate agroecological crops, carbon capture measurements and generate new real estate opportunities.

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2016 - 2023 results

We have grown organic plants, implemented biodynamic technologies & designed permaculture in our farms

We supply legal security so that green investors can ensure an escalation in green bond certifications, shared profits that generate a virtuous circle of ecological production, greater carbon sequestration, soil improvement, green employment and access to organic products at lower costs.

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How it works

Plant a tree & receive its NFT, each NFT accrues arvol & each arvol represents a ton of carbon captured by the NFT.

Arvol Token Price

$ 3

The actual price in US dollars

Expected carbon tons captured annual

We measure the carbon captured in the regenerated soil & in the growing biomass. Then we monetize this positive externalities throughout carbon credit markets

Expected harvest returns annual

Our crop portfolio is based on trees that have a high harvest value per volume, with shorter maturity & peak harvest at average 5 years.

Expected land appreciation annual

Annual land appreciation of investment through infrastructure improvements, trees growing & communities thriving. Monetizing this value is done through selling plots of land & by promoting strategic cultural activities.

Use of Funds

The annual budget is based on choosing the best seeds and pruning in summer, then grow in autumn our seedlings, prepare the soil in winter, and plant our seeds and seedlings in spring, and then care for our growing edible forest and start anew cycle incorporating the learnings of the year into the next cycle.

Infrastructure, irrigation, solar energy, processing plant, greenery & plantations

50% use of funds

Working capital & operations

20% use of funds

Cash reserves in liquid sustainable investments

20% use of funds

Research, development & marketing

10% use of funds

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