Arvol - A new way of investing in regenerative agriculture, innovation in carbon capture & sustainable development.

Our Team

Who we are

Our company is managed not only by the transparency of the law, but we also use blockchain technology to make committee voting transparent, through smart contracts that allow participants to be protected. The smart contract that we have chosen is a DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, each participant uses their non-transferable vote to issue new Arvol tokens, make policy, modify crop portfolio, accept new investors to the board of directors, and other actions, being transparent with the entire community. An Arvol token is issued for each planted tree and is audited by this internal and external committee. Arvol tokens are public access for the entire community and are also an investment mechanism, since profits are obtained from the sale of carbon credits, agricultural production and the appreciation of regreened land.

Our founder & CEO is Diego Gonzalez Carvajalis an entrepreneur & economist with over 20 years of international experience in the agriculture, food, hospitality & retail industries. Developing supply chains and marketing platforms from seed to consumer, Diego is an expert in agriculture, finance, marketing & sales, strategy, and general management. He is the founder Founder & CEO of interrupcion* & Do Good Organic (2003-2017), a Grower, Distributor and Marketer of organic plant based foods in the USA, Canada & Europe. An international leader in sustainable foods, his companies have served the world's largest and most demanding retail chains, with annual sales over $40 million USD. Diego was honored as an Ashoka Social Entrepreneur in 2004, Endeavor Entrepreneur in 2017 & Emprendedor Emergente Ernst & Young in 2018.


Diego Gonzalez Carvajal


Entrepreneur & economist with over 20 years of international experience in the agriculture, food, hospitality & retail industries.


Rodrigo Rapoport


Tech leader for more than 10 years. Techlohy in ORT, Master in Environmental Management in ITBA and Project Management in UTN.


Rodrigo Basavilbaso


Financial analyst with experience in the digital asset industry, specialized in DAO and blockchain technologies.


Tarcisio Mulek


Impact Entrepreneur. Professional consultant in Sustainable Development & Communications. Business Director in ARVOL.


Aki Baravalle


Digital transformation specialist, business development, blockchain businesses & sales team management.


Marcela Vega


Agronomist, Postgraduated in Rural Development, Specialist in organic and biodynamic agriculture.


Jose Baeza


Business in Georgetown College, KY. Experience in project formulation, international business and organic food sales experience.


Ruben Torres


Founding member of UTT, union of workers of the land and experienced farmer. From Bolivia


Marisol Angelini


Experienced board member, CMO and general manager, with 22 years of marketing experience in Coca-Cola company in the United States.


Bernard Van Der Lande


Is a global investor with extensive experience across traditional and digital asset strategies